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Comments on Tzadkael

"...I don't really want to talk about him.
...alright. We don't get along. Once, a long time ago, we did. When we were children. But.. something happened, and he changed. And after that, everything changed. I was glad, in the end, to get away from him. Now... I don't know what to think. We're both adults, and everything is changed again. I wish we could get along better, but... just being near him puts me on the defensive. I can't help it."

"He's an idiot too, but in an entirely different way to Gavrael."

"He's really savvy, that one. The sort of attitude he pulls with people sometimes, they might even think he's an idiot, but.. no way. He's smart as hell. He really understands people, you can tell that from just watching him; he can play anyone, even if he hasn't known them very long, and that takes smarts. I know most of the others here don't like him so well, but.. I like him. Even if he's got no real scruples, I like his sense of humour, and I like talking to him. And he doesn't try to play me. I just wish he'd try to get on better with Zafkiel and not mess with him so much. It causes so much tension around here."

"At first, I thought he was a total wanker. He's a player, and I don't like players. And he tried to play me and Raziel, and I tend to get pissed off when people mess with us. But.. I dunno. Things changed. We made friends somehow, I guess. He can be pretty okay company to have around... when he's not being a dickhead. And even sometimes when he is."

"He's strong and yet.. there's a lot to him that he doesn't show. He works so hard at proving what a good time he's having, and how much in control of his life and the people around him he is, and yet he's so busy pushing everyone as far away from him as possible. But... since he's let Rafariel get close to him.. I think it's been good for him. I think he has the capability, now, to change. Maybe to put things behind him, too."

"...I don't even know what to say about Kael, or how to describe our relationship. In the beginning, I hated him. And then slowly... that changed. He changed. And maybe at the start it was an act, to get under my skin... but I don't believe that it stayed that way, for him. I think... maybe he's changed. He can still be infuriating at times... but I can't deny that he means a lot to me. For all we're incredibly different... I like who I am when I'm with him. And I like who he is when he's with me. I think, in the end, he really does care about me, for all he resisted it."

"He thinks with his dick. It's unbelievable. Sometimes I think he'd almost make moves on me if I didn't unnerve him. Even with that kid around to keep him in line, still, you can see him ready to jump in the pants of anyone that walks through the door. Sheesh."

"Pretty, very pretty. And knows it too. *smirk* But I wouldn't trust him far as I could throw him. There's just something too smarmy about him. This is one you could be friends with only at arm's length; I'd never let him get too close."

"...... I was really looking forward to meeting him, cuz Rafariel likes him so much, and I heard so many cool things about him. But... I don't like him. I think he's an arsehole. And I hate how like totally uber possessive he is of Rafariel. Like, Rafariel can't do anything without his say-so? Man, that pisses me off like woah."