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Comments on Gavrael

"I wasn't sure what to make of him at first.. and even now, sometimes I'm still not sure. But I think he's a nice guy who's just had a rough life. He's very closemouthed, and very standoffish, but I almost think that's his way of protecting himself from being hurt. He'd probably hate me for saying that, though. He's good for Raziel, too; despite their differences they seem so happy together, so suited, and that makes me really happy to see."

"He's an idiot."

"I don't know what I'd do without him. I've been smitten from day one, I'll happily admit that. I used to wonder at first if he even wanted to have anything to do with me, but... these days, I don't wonder that anymore. We're together, for good. I think he's got a lot of issues to do with closeness, and he's not real good with other people, nor does he care much about them... yet at the same time, how he appears to other people is very important to him. So, he gets worked up about the stupidest shit sometimes. But I like that about him, too. He also has the quirkiest sense of humour that most people often don't even notice.. but I love it."

"This one has issues; and they make him pretty easy bait. But he's actually pretty okay company. We get along a lot better than I'd ever thought we would. And.. I guess I'd like to respect what Raziel's got and leave it alone."

"He carries an incredible amount of strength, yet I don't think even he realises it. He's built up a lot of walls between him and the world, which is a shame, because he has a lot he could give. But even without the walls, he'd be a lone wolf; that's his nature. So maybe it's enough that he gives what he has to Raziel, at least."

"...he's got too much attitude. He reminds me of a street thug. Whatever it is Raziel sees in him, I don't."

"Ha! Thinks he's so tough. And then he runs from me with his tail between his legs. Yeah, that's courage."

"...I didn't think we'd get along, but funnily enough, we do. The initial attitude he gives off and the way that he really is when you get to know him some are not the same at all. I don't think he likes letting anyone close... but he's worth getting close to. Oh, and he makes a good drinking buddy. *smirk*"

"I don't think Rafariel likes him that much, but... I dunno, I think he's cool. He's got a smart mouth, but it's not so bad. He's got attitude, and it's cool. And, he's actually been pretty nice to me, and helped me with stuff. Oh, and his motorbike! Nobody who rides something that awesome can be bad, seriously! It's divine!"