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Comments on Rafariel

"I think he's a good kid who's had a really rough time of it. He comes across as surly and haughty sometimes, but to me that seems like a defensive mechanism more than anything. When he's not giving attitude, he's very polite, almost too polite, like it's a distancing thing as well. But he works really hard, and he's so serious about his music... and he's obviously appreciative of our help, even if he doesn't always seem capable of showing it. I don't think he's really very good at social situations, and so sometimes he ends up saying things he doesn't mean. So I just let those go. I think it's been good for him, being with us. I feel like he's relaxed a lot, opened up a lot, since we first found him."

"He seems like a little snob."

"We don't have so much in common, but I like the kid. In some ways, he reminds me of me. That seems funny to say, considering how different we are, but.. yeah. I just get that feeling. He's obviously a smart kid, too, and he seems like he has some serious education behind him; the sort of things he and Hanael get to talking about just make my head spin. And he's got a bit of a sharp tongue on him at times, too; he won't hesitate to say what he really thinks, even if it's not nice. But.. I like having him around, you know? When all's said and done, he's a good kid. I'm glad that we could help him when we did. I've liked watching him change and grow since that first day I found him."

"That kid has a bit of an attitude problem. And bad taste in men. *snort* Not that I mind Kael, but I have to question anyone who actually chooses to be in a relationship with him. Still... I dunno, he's not like he was when he first came here. I thought he was a smartarse then. Now, I just think he's young and finding his feet."

"Oh, but isn't he the prettiest little thing? Really! Everything about him is just divine; a feast for the eyes. And then... well, I know he has issues, and I know he has problems... but that's a part of what makes him who he is. I wouldn't change that for the world.
...sometimes... I wonder how he got under my skin so completely. I... maybe if I'd known it would happen, I never would've started anything with him. Or maybe... maybe it's worth it. I... to be honest, I feel more like I can... let my guard down, around him. And maybe that's not such a bad thing.
...do you think he's good for me?"

"He's a lot stronger than he thinks he is. He's survived situations that would break other people, yet he doubts himself at every turn. He's young, and he has very little life experience... but he's incredibly smart, and resourceful, and determined. I think he could grow into someone truly amazing, so long as he can learn to believe in himself."

"So prim and proper and worried about how he looks all the time... it makes me laugh. If he spent more time doing things and less time worrying about them, he might be interesting, but..."

"He's a cute kid. He has this delightful mix of pride and self-doubt, of strength and insecurity. It can be fascinating to watch those extremes interplay, especially when he's in unfamiliar situations. And he blushes so cutely that I can't help but tease him. Still, I don't get to spend much time with him -- what with that ridiculously possessive boyfriend, and Hanael doubting my good intentions... geez. *rolls eyes*"

"Rafariel is.. he's my best friend. My only friend. No, seriously, he's all I need. I don't make friends easily, and I don't really like to, either, I guess. I don't like people. But right from the start I knew he was different to everyone else. It took me a long time to work up the nerve to talk to him.. but I'm so glad I did. He's awesome. I have the best times of my life with him. I hope we can be friends forever. Now that I've found him, I don't ever want to let him walk out of my life."