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Comments on Raziel

"My best friend. He's the person I trust the most out of anyone. He has a great sense of humour, and he's also incredibly thoughtful and caring. Maybe sometimes he takes his jokes too far, but he just likes to have fun; he doesn't actually like upsetting people, and if by mistake he does, he'll do whatever he can to fix it. And, I think it's so cute how hard he tries not to be cute. (^_^)"

"He's a brat. He doesn't openly do anything to piss me off, but there's something about his overall nature that just doesn't mesh with me."

"He's an impish little brat, and he knows it. Sometimes I think he'll be the death of me. Funny, though.. not so sure what I'd do without him. I guess he's good for me, much as I hate to admit it. We work well together."

"Possibly the most laidback person I've ever met. He's good-natured, but not in a stupid way. He's got attitude, too. I respect that. I guess I could play him, but.. it wouldn't be much fun. I'd rather just enjoy his company."

"He tries to hide a lot of it behind his tough, cool, bratty persona, but he's almost as sweet and good-natured as Zafkiel. He's incredibly loyal, valiant, and has an amazingly strong sense of justice. He's also about the most well-balanced person I've ever met."

"I still sort of think of him as my saviour, though I'd never tell him that. I like him. We're totally different, but... *shrug* he's easier to talk to than most people. And he's hard to offend. Which is good."

"He tastes really good. *snickersnort* Too bad Hanael made me give him up. Maybe I should try again some time... or maybe not. Funny, he's a pretty well-rounded personality, for a human."

"Ahh, the brat with the heart of gold. There's something about him that's rather endearing. All that silly, bubbly, over-exuberance is entirely honest, and that makes it.. refreshing. I don't fault Gavrael's taste."

"Seriously, he's soooo cool! I hope we can be good friends! I love his style, and he has awesome taste in like music and stuff, and he plays way cool stuff on the PlayStation and... yeah. And he's so funny! He really makes me laugh. I wanna hang out with him more and get to know him better! I don't get to meet people I click with so well very often."