When my boys first entered my life, I knew I wanted to tell their story, but I didn't have a concrete vision. As time passed and their story came to me more, I began to do photostories to tell it. Eventually I began to write text stories as well. Now I try to capture as many of the important moments in their lives as I can.
Because they have been with me so long, it can be time consuming to catch up on their stories. In addition, the first six months of photostories doesn't tell their actual "story" as I later came to view it. So I've written a timeline that 'correctly' explains the early months, and then summarizes the rest of the stories. This way, you can catch up on their lives fairly quickly if you want to. (^_^)

Archived Stories
2003~2005 / 2006~2007
Note: it's best to catch up here first! (Or read the timeline!)

Most Recent Stories
Note: marks photostories. marks text stories. They are arranged in order.
Some story arcs may only make sense if you read both, but it's up to you of course! ^^

Sydney, Australia
20/Feb/07 - Marking New Territory
22/Feb/07 - Sacrifices
9/Mar/07 - Childhood Dreams
17/Mar/07 - Threats
28/Mar/07 - The Real Truth
7/Apr/07 - Pt 1: When Old Friends Drop By
7/Apr/07 - Pt 2: Dealing With Unwanted Guests
22/Apr/07 - Head In The Clouds
1/Jun/07 - Life Is For Living
15/Jul/07 - Winner Takes All
17/Jul/07 - Long Time No See
19/Jul/07 - Choices We Made
3/Aug/07 - Head To Head
11/Aug/07 - Good Intentions
13/Aug/07 - Mutual Feelings
17/Aug/07 - Reminders of the Past
26/Aug/07 - Here's To Trying
29/Aug/07 - Gifts We Couldn't Share
4/Sep/07 - A Little Peace and Quiet
20/Sep/07 - Too Much To Take
20/Sep/07 - Concessions
21/Sep/07 - Newfound Capabilities
26/Oct/07 - Hunt
2/Nov/07 - Dreadful Tease
10/Nov/07 - Reaching A Point
14/Nov/07 - Waiting For You
14/Nov/07 - New Forms of Entertainment
18/Nov/07 - Selfish
24/Nov/07 - Ask The Moon
Sydney, Australia
29/Nov/07 - Waited So Long
4/Dec/07 - Something For You
15/Dec/07 - Tripping Over
18/Dec/07 - Theoretical
21/Dec/07 - Making New Friends
4/Jan/08 - Curiosity Gets You...
8/Jan/08 - When The Cat's Away
9/Jan/08 - Rude Awakenings
9/Jan/08 - The Difference Matters
25/Jan/08 - Enabling
28/Jan/08 - Pinch Me
29/Jan/08 - Welcome Home
31/Jan/08 - Just A Warning
1/Feb/08 - What You Never Expect
1/Feb/08 - Bleak Prospects
3/Feb/08 - Strength
7/Feb/08 - Simple Answer
12/Feb/08 - Piqued Curiosity
17/Feb/08 - Simple Realisations
22/Feb/08 - Quietly Making Plans
29/Feb/08 - Lonely Nights
1/Mar/08 - You Said
5/Mar/08 - Our Little Manipulations
10/Mar/08 - Following
13/Mar/08 - Facing Reality
22~27/Mar/08 - Final Choice
Kyoto, Japan
1/Apr/08 - Coming Home
1/Apr/08 - Settling Things

Drabbles and Fan Fiction
This is a link to the short drabble pieces that I've written, along with the wonderful fan fiction I've received.