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Note: marks photostories. marks text stories. They are arranged in order.
Some story arcs may only make sense if you read both, but it's up to you of course! ^^

Sydney, Australia
5/Apr/03 - A New Face
12/Apr/03 - Forgiven..?
23/Jun/03 - Jailbreak!
Jun/03 - Jailbreak!
27/Jun/03 - Homecoming
11/Jul/03 - Escaping Outdoors
30/Jul/03 - An Accident
31/Aug/03 - Recovery
31/Dec/03 - Happy New Year!
3/Mar/04 - Happy Birthday, Raziel
15/Apr/04 - Did You Miss Me?
19/Apr/04 - Unwanted Advice
9/Sep/04 - A Farewell Gift
14/Sep/04 - Last Goodbyes
Tokyo, Japan
16/Sep/04 - A New Home
25/Dec/04 - An Unwanted Christmas Present
1/Jan/05 - Happy New Year!
8/Feb/05 - Desperately Wanting
Sydney, Australia
16/Feb/05 - Homecoming
25/Feb/05 - Late Returning
2/Apr/05 - Ultimatum
Sydney, Australia
2/Apr/05 - Brothers?
16/Apr/05 - The Importance of Family
28/May/05 - Growing Friendship, part 1
5/Jun/05 - Growing Friendship, part 2
14/Jun/05 - If You Don't Know It's Broken..
14/Jun/05 - ..How Can You Fix It?
28/Jun/05 - Indecently Sprawled
28/Jun/05 - A Never-ending Problem
17/Jul/05 - Brotherly Concern
18/Aug/05 - An Unexpected Illness
20/Aug/05 - Flawed Problem Solving
2/Sep/05 - A Lot Of Explaining To Do
8/Sep/05 - Extra Baggage
15/Sep/05 - Awkward Farewells
18/Sep/05 - Awkward Farewells, part 2
Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan
8/Oct/05 - The Chance of Rain..
11/Oct/05 - Tokyo Return
18/Oct/05 - Time to Think
9/Dec/05 - A Desperate Escape
9/Dec/05 - Awkward Meetings
9/Dec/05 - Working Things Out
22/Dec/05 - Surprise Visitor