Super Dollfie & ABJDs
Super Dollfie are made by Volks. For more info try the popular Volks SD Database and Volks FCS Database at angelden.net.
Unoa are made by Alchemic Labo.

For more information about SDs and other ABJDs in general, check out the ABJD Wiki at Resinality, or start wandering around the Resinality forums.

Since a lot of people have asked... the digital camera I currently use is a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. ^_^ All photos take after December 1st, 2008 use this camera. Prior to this my digital camera was a Canon PowerShot S60 -- all photos taken between January 20th, 2005 and November 30th, 2008 used this camera. Prior to this my digital camera was a Canon PowerShot A60 -- all photos taken between December 25th, 2003 and January 20th, 2005 used this camera. All photos taken before December 25th, 2003 were taken using a non-digital camera. (A Canon Elph, to be precise.) As such, I had to waste film (which cost money to get processed!) and didn't get to retake many shots, so my photostories and snapshots were nowhere near as good.. ^^;
I love my Canon digicams; they are very powerful, have a lot of great features, and take really nice photos. I highly recommend them. ^_^

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2012.05.24  -  
please welcome Tashri! ♥
note: still behind on photostories!
moved countries again!
will update when I can! ^^; sorry!!
Tashriel added!
100 new snapshots!!
2 new fanarts!
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2011.01.04  -  
please welcome Raqi and Rakshi!
note: still behind on photostories!
sorry for delays - real life intrudes! ^^;
Seraqiel added!
Rakshiel added!
158 new snapshots!!
2 new fanarts!
1 new tutorial!
3 new text stories!
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