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Note: marks photostories. marks text stories. They are arranged in order.
Some story arcs may only make sense if you read both, but it's up to you of course! ^^

Tokyo, Japan
6/Jan/06 - Farewells Made Difficult
2/Feb/06 - Unexpected Decisions
2/Feb/06 - An Offer.. of Freedom
Sydney, Australia
21/Feb/06 - Just You And Me
21/Feb/06 - Explanations
21/Feb/06 - Timing It Perfect
25/Feb/06 - It's Better To Know
12/Mar/06 - There's Always An Unexpected (SWT)
13/Mar/06 - Something To Wake Up To (SWT)
14/Mar/06 - Future Prospects
16/Mar/06 - Peace and Quiet Time (SWT)
20/Mar/06 - Bonding Moments (SWT)
3/Apr/06 - See You Later, Not Goodbye (SWT)
14/Apr/06 - Past Reflections
22/Apr/06 - Just A Suggestion
30/Apr/06 - Once In A Lifetime
2/May/06 - Small Requests
16/May/06 - Home Sweet Home
25/May/06 - A New Home
11/Jun/06 - Change of Plans
21/Aug/06 - Not the Ideal Homecoming
22/Aug/06 - Here To Stay
7/Sep/06 - Black Holes and Revelations
10/Sep/06 - Good Friends
10/Sep/06 - An Alternate Method
Sydney, Australia
15/Sep/06 - An Unwelcome Touch
17/Sep/06 - Power Games
29/Sep/06 - Propositions
18/Oct/06 - Reasons or None
26/Oct/06 - Sketches of You
3/Nov/06 - Drawn Closer
16/Nov/06 - Playing Solo
1/Dec/06 - What They Think
1/Dec/06 - Lasting Impressions
12/Dec/06 - Nightmares
16/Dec/06 - Feelings Inside
23/Dec/06 - Broken Beliefs
24/Dec/06 - Confusion
24/Dec/06 - Confrontation
24/Dec/06 - Trust Me
27/Dec/06 - Failing
28/Dec/06 - Swallowing Pride
28/Dec/06 - Late Night Promises
10/Jan/07 - Lingering Guilt
13/Jan/07 - What If?
20/Jan/07 - A Win/Win Situation
2/Feb/07 - Cold Without You
4/Feb/07 - A Second Opinion
9/Feb/07 - How To Dance
9/Feb/07 - Jealousy
14/Feb/07 - Flowers