These short pieces were written for the Resinality drabble themes, which I enjoy participating in when I have the free time to do so. The maximum word count is 800 so they are all short pieces but I still enjoy the insights that they give to my boys so I wanted to include them here. (^^) Please be aware that some of these are much darker and more moody/angsty than what I normally write for the boys.

distant past - Magic - Hanael and Lyrael
distant past - The Beginning - Hanael and Lyrael
late 2005 - Silent Prey - Rafariel
March 2007 - Capability For Evil - Khamuel
mid 2007 - Misunderstanding - Zafkiel and Mikael
June 2007 - Things You Don't Want To See - Hanael and Khamuel

Fan Fiction
Our first fan fiction! I'm so excited and proud!
Thank you, YaoiKitten and i_was_this! We love it! (^o^)

early 2006 - Poker Night by YaoiKitten
late 2006 - Grease Monkey by YaoiKitten
many years ago - Because by i_was_this
late 2007 - Like Coming Home by i_was_this