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Comments on Hanael

"I wish he was my real brother, instead of Tzadkael. Even from the start, I've always felt incredibly at ease with him. He has this... aura.. that just makes me feel safe, and calm. And he always has such good advice; whenever I have a problem, if I talk to him about it, he somehow manages to make everything seem clear for me. I just wish I knew more about him, too.. he hardly ever likes to talk about himself, but sometimes I feel like there's something in his past that's really hurt him. And for all the help he's given me, I'd give anything to be able to help him in return."

"...I can't decide what to make of him. He comes across as polite, and nice, and ingratiating.. but I can't tell if it's just an act, or if he really is that way, or what."

"He's a good guy, I like him a lot. Sometimes he can be really mysterious, and I don't think anyone really knows what he's thinking most of the time, but.. that's not a bad thing, really. He's really good to talk to, and he's really good at making you think things through, especially if you're having a problem with something. He really genuinely seems to like to help his friends, be it with little things or big things."

"...he's hard to read. He gives off this gentle, kind, and good-natured persona, but... there's something more than that to him. I haven't figured it out yet. I dunno. He can be good to have around when there's a problem though. He's reliable."

"He's.. an interesting guy. He's one of those that doesn't say much, but you know he's really thinking. I'd like to know what he's thinking. He always shows this gracious side, but I know he's hiding so much underneath that. I just love digging into people's problems and finding out all the juicy bits; I'd love to know his story. Oh, and y'know, he always knows things. Things he shouldn't know. I'd love to know how he does that, too.. it'd sure be a useful skill. *snerk* But, in all honestly? I owe the guy a real favour. So I don't play him. Plus, he's scary when he's mad."

"I don't normally feel comfortable around other people, but I do around Hanael. He's very calming, somehow. I really... like being with him. I trust him. I've never really trusted anyone before... Sometimes, I wish... *shakes head* It doesn't matter."

"...I've never quite met anyone like Hanael. It's... strange, to think that I could trust someone, after so many years, but... he saved my life. And... I feel like I can let my guard down, around him. I... it's strange, to not be alone, but... I like being with him. I could stay like this... for a long, long time."

"My dear heart. I've missed him. When we last parted, he was so much younger than he is now... and it's strange, for me, to see him so grown-up, so sure of himself and who he is. He seems so much the adult, the one that everyone looks up to, the one who takes care of everyone else... and yet, there's still so much he doubts and fears. I want to be what I was then; the one who wraps their arms around him and reassures him that everything will be okay. I know he still needs it, for all he shows otherwise."

"He's soooo cool. He's got real presence, ya know? Like, he just takes over a room when he walks in. And then he's so kind and gentle to people! I love that he's like, so cool and yet so gentle all at the same time. And that scar.. man, I wanna ask about it sooo bad. But Rafariel says to leave it alone."