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Comments on Kashael

"...I'm still not sure what to think of him, honestly. He really does seem nice and friendly and all, and he's got that reassuring vibe going on... but there's something in his expression sometimes... and I just can't forget how upset and uncomfortable Hanael was when he first arrived. I let him stay, because... well, I didn't know how to say no... and eventually, Hanael relaxed around him, and everything seems okay now. So I guess I should just trust Hanael's judgement. But... he still worries me. I distrust him even when I don't mean to."

"Who? Do I look like I care?"

"I wasn't sure about him at first, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy. And Gavrael seems to get along pretty well with him. Gavrael hardly gets along with anyone, so I gotta take that as a good sign. And.. you know, Hanael and he seem to be getting along fine now. So I figure... maybe there was some falling out before, and now they've made up or something? I dunno. I'd love to know though, seriously."

"I didn't care to get to know him when he came. But... funny, we get along a lot better than I'd thought. He's a pretty good guy."

"Hmph. As if one ingratiating, goody-two-shoes brother wasn't enough, now we have two? I tell you, if Rafariel develops an attachment to this one as well, I'm not going to be happy.
....he is awfully pretty to look at though. I can't help but admire. I'll just do it from a distance."

"... it's hard for me to talk about Kash. He was... well, he was such a huge part of my life when I was a child. He was my life. And then he went away. Even though it wasn't his fault... it was very difficult for me to forgive that. Especially because... well...
...I love my brother. I've always loved him. Too much, maybe. He's the only one I can never say no to.
....but in the end, I'm grateful he's back in my life. Even more so now that he and Kham have made up their differences."

"...he's... it's hard to describe Kash. He kind of fascinates me, and I enjoy his company. But he's a little overwhelming at times, too. I almost get why Kael and Hanael keep playing interference. Still, we have fun together, and he's been teaching me boxing, and I like that. He's a good teacher. I just wish he'd... keep his shirt on during our lessons. It's kind of... distracting. ^^; "

"Okay, look. I hated him when he first turned up. He was a total shithead, and he really, really pissed me off with all that 'I've known Hanael longer' bullcrap. But... I dunno, we made a truce somehow. And... I started to find I could like him. Get along with him okay. And... he's got that something, that Hanael's got. I want that. So I don't mind sharing. I think it's working out okay. Maybe I have to still be on my guard with him, but... I don't mind that."

"There's something like way cool about him. I thought Hanael had presence, but man, Kashael has presence. Maybe it, like, runs in the family? But he totally oozes confidence and this sort of slick knowability that Hanael doesn't have so much. It's fancy. I like it."