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Comments on Mikael

"...I can't talk about him objectively right now. Please don't ask me to."

"Mikael's a bit of an arsehole. Actually, after all that stuff with Zafkiel, I think he's a total arsehole. I used to think he wasn't all that bad, that maybe he had a heart in there somewhere, but man... that whole situation just left a rotten taste in my mouth. I know he's got major issues -- no-one with an attitude like his doesn't have major issues -- but still, I don't think that gives him the excuse to be such a selfish bastard to someone who gave so much of their love to him. I... I dunno, I don't like to be vindictive, but I hope he's feeling sorry for himself now."

"He's a self-righteous prick. I dunno where the hell he gets that attitude from, but it pisses me off. Thinks he's lord and master of freaking everything around him, and can't stand to be second to anyone. *snort* Honestly, I dunno how the hell we ended up living in the same place for so long... but I blame Raziel entirely. I'm just glad we left before we killed each other."

"Beautiful, arrogant, and pissy-as-hell. I love a challenge, and what a multi-challenge he was, let me tell you. He's so easy to play that I never tired of doing so; I've never met anyone with a temper as short as his. Still, all that stuff with Zafkiel... it's a good thing we left Mikael behind, is all I can say, because I don't take kindly to people treating my family like that."

"His upbringing is to blame more than anything, in my opinion, for his shortcomings, but if you look past those, there's a lot more to him than meets the eye; he has a lot of strong qualities that aren't readily apparent. But unfortunately, he never seemed to manage to be able to get past the things holding him back. I was truly sad to see how things turned out, in the end; I thought he was strong enough to overcome himself."

"...he always seemed pretty stubborn and arrogant. I don't think he likes being bested."

"Now this one made me laugh. Talk about anger management issues! I'd like to see him try and make it in the vampire world, he'd get torn apart in five seconds. *rolls eyes*"

"Heh. He interested me, and amused me, at the same time. He's a complex one... but I don't think that he'd done a particularly good job of dealing with his own issues."

"He's... well, I dunno. He's like a model and all, which I thought was way glamorous and stuff. And he sure has the looks for it... and the wardrobe! But he's got a heck of an attitude, too. He never seemed to have a nice thing to say. Sometimes it got up my nose a bit. But I guess I have a short temper."