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Comments on Khamuel

"...I'm not sure what to think of him. He doesn't act like a normal child. Hanael says to treat him like an adult.. and Hanael seems to like him, so I don't mind him being here, but... there's something strange about him. I try my best to get along with him, but.. I'll be honest, he makes me feel a bit uncomfortable."

"I hate kids."

"...I don't really remember what happened with him, but Gavrael just keeps warning me to stay away from him. I hardly know what to think. I never believed in the supernatural, but.. I won't deny that this kid is seriously weird. But Hanael likes him. I've never faulted Hanael's opinion before, so.. I guess he can't be all bad."

"Goddamnit, I can't stand the little brat. Thinks he's so fantastic and better than us just because he has a few lousy powers that we don't, and he can lord them over us. I'm grateful to Hanael for rescuing Raziel from him, but I wish he'd found a way to get the little snot out of our house for good. I want him gone."

"...I saw him naked, in the shower once. I'm still recovering. It's not fair. Or natural, for a kid his size.
...Raziel says he's a vampire. Do you think he used his vampiric powers to grow it to such an unnatural size?"

"...there's a lot I could say about Khamuel. I know he's got an ego, and an attitude, but... I think he's had to be the way he is to survive the world he's existed in. He's had a very long life, and none of it has been easy; I can only imagine what it must be like to have the mind of an adult but to be treated like a child wherever you go. And he's been totally alone, all his life; even if he might have wished it otherwise. I... don't mind the way he is. And I enjoy his company; there's a sweeter side to him, when he lets his guard down. When I'm with him... I can forget how alone I've been."

"I don't really want to say it, but... I will. He scares me. He's creepy. Have you honestly ever met a kid like that? I sure haven't. I don't think they're meant to be like that at all. Hanael says he's not so bad, so.. I do my best to try to like him. But he just unnerves me."

"......yeah, okay. So I've changed my tune. I like the little runt. He's good to have around. I... once I got used to him, I found I could get along with him. And once I found that out... it wasn't hard to make that extra move. Maybe you'll think, I tolerate him so I can be with Hanael. Maybe that's true. But maybe you're wrong too. Maybe I like him all for himself. Will you ever be sure? *smirk*"

"I'm kinda curious. Nah, screw it, I'm hella curious. He just seems so... not normal, ya know? Like there's so many things about him that supposedly don't add up. I kinda want to get to know him.. but Rafariel says he's scary, so... maybe I'd better be careful about it."