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Comments on Ixoniel

"He really seems like a good kid. A bit hyperactive, but then that reminds me of Raziel, so I'm used to that already. Actually, a lot about him reminds me of Raziel! I'm really glad that Rafariel finally made a friend at school, too - it can make a real difference. He seems almost like the opposite of Rafariel, and yet when you see them together, they seem to get along really well. So I'm glad they met. And I'm glad we could help him out, and let him stay with us. I just hope that he doesn't have any more troubles with his family. It makes me worry. I feel like.. he deserves better, you know?"

"...who? A friend of Rafariel? Do I look like I care?"

"You know, Zafkiel described him to me as a mini version of myself? Ha! Funny enough, I kind of get what he means, too. I know I can be kind of hyper sometimes, and this kid is like, major hyper. But he's such a cute goofball, he's so sincere about it all, that it really just makes you smile. And I have fun talking to him and hanging out with him. He's a good kid. I worry about him... with his family and all... but I really feel like bringing him here was the right thing to do. I dunno, I just feel like... I want him to have a good life, ya know?"

"...he seems like an okay kid. I don't mind him so much. Though sometimes I just kind of want to say 'will you calm the fuck down?' *smirk*"

"...I don't like him. He takes up far too much of Rafariel's time... and is entirely far too interested in getting close to Rafariel. I could smack Raziel for his stupid idea to install the kid here. All I can say is, he'd better watch what he gets up to while I'm around. *snerk*"

"It may seem odd to say this, but he really reminds me of Kael. I mean, for all he's bold and outgoing and confident, he does a heck of a job of keeping his distance from other people. I can't imagine that his home life would make him want to trust people, though. I'm not surprised that he and Rafariel click so well, either -- they may look different on the outside but they have a lot in common. I really hope that what with Rafariel and the rest of us here, he might come to be more comfortable with trusting people. He could use some more positive influences in his life."

"I know that with all the others that live here that I have lots of friends already, but... Xon's the first friend I made on my own, the first friend I have who's my age. So... he means a lot to me. Sometimes he's weird and crazy and I don't get him at all.. and sometimes we just click and I understand him perfectly. He can really make me laugh too, and.. that's not easy. I don't feel like I have to look up to him, or prove anything to him.. I can just be more.. me, when I'm with him. Let down my guard, as it were. I... hope he likes being my friend. I'd like to stay friends."

"...oh, you mean that crazy goofball kid? I dunno, how am I even meant to know what he's like? He never sits still more than five minutes."

"I don't know, he's kind of refreshingly cute as well. I like that bouncy bubbly kind of enthusiasm when it's genuine, and he seems genuine to me. I admit that I'm impressed he turned out that way despite his upbringing, too. I'm kind of curious to see how he grows up from here."