May, 2003: I had always wanted an SD13 boy body for Raziel as I love the posability! Not to mention that nifty waist joint. ^_^ But when I first put the F-09 head on an SD13 boy body neck... well, the pictures speak for themselves:

Oooh, that neck is so fat and awkward! >_< I was pretty unhappy with it, but I was kind of scared to do anything about it. Then I visited this wonderful page where the owner had done exactly what I wanted to do, and explained it in detail, and I got inspired!

Armed with a ground down hacksaw blade (thanks to Ken) and some sandpaper, I worked on Raziel's neck. First, I used the blade to shave off the neck on all sides, working slowly to make sure the job was even. Then, when I was satisfied with the thickness and shape, I used sandpaper to smooth the roughness. First I used 220 grit to get rid of all the bumps and ridges, and then I used 600 grit to get a smooth finish. When I was done, it felt just as smooth on the modified areas as the rest of him. And more importantly, it looks.. well, the pictures again speak for themselves:

Wow, what a difference. It's so lovely and slender! ^_^ My only problem now? His neck is so LONG! *laugh* Maybe I'll make it a bit shorter at a later date, but for now, I'm just so happy with how thin it is.

...oh, and while he was in pieces, he also got a tattoo on his left upper arm, which he's very proud of.