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Ishki: Right, that's quite enough of this foolishness.
Malakhim: But but but...
Ishki: You know, I don't even need this stupid thing. I have wings.
Malakhim: You just like to ruin all my fun.
Ishki: That too.

Ishki: Now where is Vashtiel-sama? He'd never subject me to this.
Vashti: Hmm? Hmm.

Vashti: Right, now I have wings too. Maybe Ishki and I can go flying together. Imagine the havoc we could cause... >:D

Vashti: Ishki.
Ishki: Vashtiel-sama!
Vashti: We're going flying.
Ishki: I.. okay!

Ishki: Are you sure we can?
Vashti: Relax. I got this covered. I mean...

Ishki: Vashtiel-sama?
Vashti: How do you work these damn things?
Ishki: *tiny smile*

Ishki: Just relax. It'll come naturally.
Vashti: Bah. This flying thing is overrated. Let's go cause havoc at ground level instead.
Ishki: That works too!