SD17 Head Swap
July, 2007

Since several people asked me, I thought it would be fun to do a little head-swap with the SD17 body and see what looks good and what doesn't. So here we go. (^^)
Please Note! I edited everyone's colouring in Photoshop (as best I could) so that they would match the body in the pics.. 'cause I figured it would look more realistic (and also helpful!) that way. So don't get too confused by how they all look. (^_~)

First up...Hanael!

*laugh* I dunno. I mean technically it works, and sizewise it's totally fine.. but I guess because it's Hanael it just seems strange to me. Too grown-up for him. He looks a bit nervous. ^_~

Next is.. Zafkiel!

At first I was just "no way!" but after colouring it I actually think it works pretty well! Again, because it's Zafkiel I find it really funny (he's just way too uke for this body) but I think putting a F-29/F-17 with attitude on this body would work really well. (^^)

And now.. Kael!

Hmm. Actually I just think his head is too small. It feels awkward to me. But maybe that's just me. (Other people have told me they liked it.) He liked it, of course (mainly for the height) but I wrestled him back onto his own body all the same. (^^;

Next up.. Gavrael!

I really like this! I had thought he'd also be too small but I think he really works. Also the wig is well-suited which helps. *laugh* Overall: Mrowr.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so...

Yes, Raziel really liked this idea too. ^_~ (Also, this is your only glimpse of Raziel as he is one of the old optional heads, hence his head is held on with a washer and is a total pain in the arse to remove.. so I didn't swap him on. I don't think his pudgy-cheeked babyface would suit, anyway.)

Okay, now to.. Mikael!

HELLO! Heh. Bron really liked this, not too surprisingly. F-28/F-16 definitely works for me! (^^)

And now.. I saved the best for last. ^_~

Oh god. I nearly died. Hahahahaha! It's just.. so wrong.. on so many levels. And if you think this is bad, wait till you see what I did next...

Oh god. It's a MIDGET!! *DIES*

Kashael: What the fuck.
Rafariel: ...
Kashael: I feel like freaking shota-bait.
Rafariel: You look it, in those shorts.
Kashael: Suck it up, little boy, they're your shorts.
Rafariel: But you're the one wearing them without even a shirt.
Kashael: You're right. Where the hell is my shirt?
Malakhim: *is dead from laughter and cannot return it*
Kashael: Damnit. This sucks.

It took me a long, long time to recover from this. (^_~)

And that's it! (^_^)