SD17 Body in Detail
July, 2007

So, not everyone has an SD17 in their home (or within visiting distance) to check out in rabid detail.. so with that thought in mind I took some rather detailed pics showcasing all the interesting points of the new SD17 body. Enjoy! (And please forgive me for any comments about how hot he is... but I am rather smitten with the body. *laugh*)

Kash in all his naked glory. He just wanted me to post another naked pic, I think. >_>;

This is his chest in slouched position. (Notice hot abs. Hot nipples. Hot, well, everything.) This is the position he tends to most comfortably fall into when being posed.

He can, however, stand up straight just fine, like so. (I'm not sure how easy it is to see the difference in the pics, but in person it's quite obvious.)

Side-on shot for arm musculature. Note sexy ribs also. Once again note that hot slouch. Mwa.

Closeup of thigh musculature.

Closeup of calf musculature. (And purty feet~)

Lovely shoulderblades, gorgeous narrow waist (I love his narrow waist!!) and adorable little dimpled bum.

Footsies! Look at all that veining! (^^)

And hands! More pretty veining. Sadly I didn't capture it well but you can also see his knuckle wrinkles on each finger joint. Way cool!

And the insides of his hands. More lovely sculpting! Btw I forgot to mention but his right hand (without the ring) is his sword hand rather than his default. I like non-matching pairs of hands. (^^)

This is how his hands change. The s-hook that's attached to his arm elastic twists when you pull it out and then sits in notches that stop it from slipping back into the arm itself. Then the hand, as you can see, is attached by string.

You can see better here how the s-hook is sitting in the notches in the arm. Also you can see that the string goes through the ball joint itself and attaches to another hook in the hand. All up it is fairly similar to the SD/MSD/SDC/YoSD one-touch system, just done slightly differently. (Btw at first I had wondered about the little plastic ball that's on the string, but I've decided it's there to stop the string vanishing up into the ball joint. ^^)

Kash showing just some of the nice poses he can do with his double-jointed elbows.

Elbow joint in action!

This is what it looks like when straight. Note the KIPS disc in the upper part.

And pulled apart so that you can get a better glimpse of everything, including the KIPS disc. (^^)

The tops of his thighs. Interestingly, as you can see, the top piece is a separate part that slots down inside the rest of the thigh. At this point the thigh can swivel, which is what allows him to sit cross-legged etc. It also has a notch inside it which allows you to prop the rest of the thigh on it, allowing him to sit with his legs very close to his body.. but I failed to get a pic of this, sorry!

As an added bonus he has some really nifty sueding inside the hip joints. (^_^)

This is the back of his knees. Notice that it is two separate parts? The bottom part locks behind the top part when he is standing to allow him to lock into a standing position better. Then it folds out and under when he kneels. The top piece is attached loosely by a screw so that it can lever up and down depending on which angle the pressure is coming from.

A view of the knee folded over. We're looking upwards into the thigh here, where the elastic is coming out of. The piece with VS stamped on it is the top piece mentioned above, and you can sort of see the screw that allows it to lever back and forth. In my hand is the bottom piece mentioned above, and the calf piece.

And here you can see how the knee looks when bending right over. (^^)

And I think that's it for technical! I hope that was interesting. I've been having fun exploring his body. (Have I ever! >D) If you want to see anything else, please feel free to ask!

My overall thoughts:
His posing fascinates me because it's just a whole new style to me, a whole new thing to get used to, and so different and innovative. At first me and his knees totally did not know how to comprehend each other (which led to a few "gaaaah what have I done, that looks so painful!" moments) but now I have a good grasp of them and all is well. They just took a bit of understanding. ^^ The sort of poses that he can do as a result of his knees are awesome, and seriously cool. The knees themselves are fascinating... I've never seen anything like them. The elbows are also quite interesting because they're different from most double-joints I've seen. I really like the triple-jointed torso as well. I had had issues with the SDC torso when I had played with it as they were not good at sitting up straight but Reisner is much better at this issue and doesn't have the joint pop-out issue that I seemed to find with SDC.

That said, there are a few posings cons, imho: I find the elbow joint has less range of movement than, say, the Unoa elbow joint. Reisner still has issues totally folding his arm up to touch his face etc, which my Unoa has no prob with. Also, there are some things that have a small learning curve in figuring out how to 'lock' his knees so that they won't buckle, and how to 'lock' the elastic in his hip joints so that he sits up comfortably. So off the bat for a new owner he is definitely less easy to understand than the SD13 boys, who don't have these issues that require learning and can just be plonked down to sit or stand. Oh and, this is probably just a little thing but he can't tilt his head back very far. This is a fault of the headmold, not the body, though; other heads on the SD17 body can tilt back just fine.

But anyway, overall: oh dear god he's fantastic and I love him. ^o^