Comparison: Kohya, F-29, Scarface, Reisner
July, 2007

Since all of these headmolds come from the same family, I thought that a comparison was in order! The only headmolds of this family that are missing are new F-17 (basically very similar to old F-29) and Cecile (basically Cecile the Scarface but without the scar ^^). Enjoy!

L-R: Kael = Kohya (same as Tohya), Zafkiel = old F-29, Hanael = Cecile the Scarface, Kashael = Reisner
In order to minimize the height difference, I took Kashael's shoes off, and left everyone else's on. Zafkiel and Hanael (normal legs) are wearing platforms while Kael (long legs) is wearing normal soled shoes, so I thought it worked pretty well. (^^) However it's hard to compare them with their wigs on, huh? So...

De-wigged! (^_^) Please, please do not laugh at the stupid balls of blu-tak on their heads. *sheepish laugh* I much prefer it over Volks wig-stopper and velcro as a way to hold wigs on heads. (^_^;
Really, I think that Cecile and F-29 are the most similar of all the headmolds. Looking at it this way you can really see how much smaller and thinner Reisner is comparatively. And Kohya is just tiny. *laugh*

Cecile the Scarface and Reisner closeup! (^^) You can see the similarity in eye/eyelid (well, on the non-scarred side, haha) and nose as well, but the difference in the lips particularly. Reisner's lips are not as wide but the bottom lip seems fuller. Also overall his face is much thinner and his chin has been sharpened. (I actually rather wish now that I'd thought to put him next to Zafkiel and compared both eyes, as I reckon it has the same mismatch of eyelids -- ie the right eyelid is fatter than the left on both of them. ^^)

F-29 and Cecile the Scarface closeup! (^^) These two are just so similar, I love it. The (non-scarred) eyes in particular. Also the noses are quite similar too. The lips are pretty close except of course that F-29 is smirking while Cecile's lips turn down at the edges. Oh, and their overall face shape, cheeks, chin, etc, are all really similar too. (^^)

F-29 and Kohya closeup! (^^) Gaah, Kael looks so peeved. >_>; I've always said that Kohya was a refined version of the F-29 more than anything. You can see that the overall features and layout of the face (and shape) are very similar but on Kohya everything is smaller -- smaller eyes, smaller nose, smaller lips. Well, and he has the Cecile downturned lips rather than the F-29 smirk. Also obviously they did away with the F-29 deep eyelids in favour of none at all. But he still evokes the basic F-29/Cecile feel. (^^) I wish I'd put him next to Hanael to compare the lips...

And, profile shots! Huzzah! Zafkiel and Hanael have fat heads, haha.

You can really see here the difference in noses and lips. Reisner's nose comes down fairly straight all the way while Scarface's nose is a bit upturned at the end. Also both Reisner's top and bottom lips curve outwards/upwards/downwards much more than Scarface's. And he has deeper.. how to say it.. dimple marks? at the corners of his mouth.

Once again, these two are remarkably similar. Their nose shapes are roughly the same (although I think F-29's turns up slightly more) as well as their lips (although I think again F-29's top lip pushes upwards slightly further). The shape of their chins is also very similar.

Kohya has the longest nose of them all. *laugh* Also the overall shape of his nose from forehead to bridge to tip is quite different. His chin is very similar though, and the shape of his lips is quite similar too, and would probably have also matched very well with Scarface's.

And since these two were the obvious smaller heads, I figured I'd put them together too. (^^) I think you can really see the differences between these two, though, much more so than when the other two were between them. It's like -- Reisner is the F-29/Cecile mold taken in one direction, and Kohya is the F-29/Cecile mold taken in another direction. (^_^)

And here they are from the side (whoops, I went the opposite way, oh well!) again highlighting the differences between them! (^^)

I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did. This is my favourite headmold family (obvious, since I own so many of them *laugh*) and it was really fun comparing the similarities and differences. (^^) But I hope Volks doesn't bring out any more headmolds based on these guys or I'll be forced to buy them, too, and I have enough dolls, damnit! >_>;