Body Comparison
June, 2003
(some additional notes added later)

For those of you who happened to wonder the difference between the original old resin SD13 boy body, and the new pure skin SD13 boy body that comes with Shirou.. wonder no more! ^_^ (Warning.. plenty of doll nudity abounds!)
UPDATE: Please note that this "new" body was only used for Shirou, the first release of Pure Skin Syo, and Sweet Dreams Lucas. Captain Cecile and all Limited Edition SD13 boys since him (Tsukasa, Isao, Tohya, Kohya, etc) have an even newer SD13 boy body. All Pure Skin Syos now have the same newer body (as well as all other standard SD13 boys released since then) and the new version of the FCS now uses the same newer body. As a result, this "new" SD13 boy body is no longer new and is actually rather rare. ^_^

As you can see, overall, the bodies are remarkably similar. They are roughly the same height. (I haven't measured exactly.) The new boy body is a new skin tone; unfortunately I don't have a 'normal' skintone SD to compare him with, as all my other SD are 'beauty white'. But I am told it is slightly paler than 'normal'.

There are, however, minute differences. The new body seems slightly less angular about the middle than the old -- the waist doesn't curve in quite as much, and the top of the torso doesn't curve out quite as much, making him slightly more straight up-and-down.

Again, their backs are very similar in shape.

However as you can see, the new boy's bum is slightly less "shapely". It also curves differently to allow for the difference in ball joint design that the new body has. And, as my flatmate says, the new boy looks like he's clenching his buttcheeks. ^^;

The knees are a different shape, again owing to the different ball joint design. I find the new knees to look less elegant and more knobbly.

At the back of the knees you can see quite clearly how differently the joints are designed.

This is them sitting. Again, you can see the difference of design in the knee joints. Also note that the original SD13 boy tends to sit more knock-kneed, whereas the new boy sits with his legs more naturally apart.

This is the original SD13 boy sitting. Note the awkward shape of the back of his thighs. Also notice that his legs tend to 'tuck under' at the knees when sitting.

This is the new SD13 boy sitting. As you can see, the shape of the thighs has been smoothed a great deal. Also, his legs tend to hang slightly forwards when bent at the knees.

The elbow joints -- as you can see, the new boy has had the balls smoothed and made less noticeable.

The hands! Yes, they're quite different. The hands and fingers are the same shape and length overall, they've just been pushed together a bit. At first I thought this was a permanent change, but as it turns out, these hands were designed specifically for Shirou only. No other SD13 boy comes with these hands. (In fact, all of the Tokyo Shounen have their own special hands. ^_^)

And there you have it! To conclude, I'd say there are advantages and disadvantages to both body types. The original body has more stability, the new body seems to have more poseability. Overall, I prefer the original body, mainly for how easily it can stay in one position without slipping or falling. But I also like the contouring of the new body. However, now that they've brought out the even newer boy body, I have to say that they've made a body that's the best of both worlds and I love it to bits. ^_^